Getting Personal

About Me

If you’re here, you already know what I do for work. On this page I’m going to describe who I really am. As I see it, there are a few pillars that make me, me.


  • I played college baseball
  • I currently play mens league baseball
  • I currently coach baseball
  • I own a baseball site designed to help youth players find teams


  • I track everywhere I’ve ever traveled to: over 20 states and 12 countries
  • I lived abroad in Italy for 4 months
  • I skied in the Swiss Alps
  • I pretend to be a photographer when I travel


  • I grow weed
  • I prefer bong over any other form of consumption
  • Sativa over indica
  • Terpenes over THC & (bonus points for limonene, pinene and myrcene)


  • Movies: LOTR, Dark Knight, Silence of the Lambs, Ex Machina, Superbad
  • TV: The Office, Breaking Bad, Sopranos, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, GOT
  • Comedians: Ricky Gervais, Dave Chapelle
  • Sports: Boston Red Sox, Buffalo Bills
  • Music: Mac Miller, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Drake, Green Day, ODESZA

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